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Will the ‘travel enthusiasts looking to have a ball’ please stand up? Or maybe just raise your hands?

We are looking for young and bright volunteers to take up charge of creating awesome on-ground experiences at our hostels while engaging with the community!

Work. Play. Eat. Repeat.

Whether you are a Traveller, Writer, Artist, Musician, Stand-up Comedian, Photographer, Videographer, Blogger, Solo Traveller, or a Trekker, we are inviting all of you.. If you think you have got any of these skills or all of them, coz more the merrier ;), you are welcome to volunteer and score a free stay at goSTOPS.

So, are you interested in volunteering?

We just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started

Press Enter

Enjoy the best of #HostelLiving while making it happen.