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gostops carrer who-we-areWhat’s the team like?

  • We’re a bunch of high-energy people who love the daily hustle.
  • On most days, we’re super nice; we all have our rainy days too.
  • We’re organized, meticulous and disciplined at our works.
  • We’re fun people who work like professionals and bond like family.

gostops we-offer-icoWHAT WE OFFER.

  • A fast-paced environment, if you like constantly diving into something interesting, work with us!
  • An independent style of working with flexible work hours.
  • Work closely with the Co-Founders.

gostops how-we-workThe Fun Stuff.

  • Free coffee every day and samosa parties every week!
  • Super awesome Office Trips with rad adventure activities.
  • 3 super-cute dogs to play with at the office.

gostops our-value-iconOUR VALUES

Corporate mumbo jumbo aside, here are the things we really value, and expect anyone who works with us to have as well.

  • Honesty – At the risk of sometimes sounding brutal, we welcome it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Collaboration – Alone, we can only do so much. But together, we can change the world. Or something to that effect.
  • Accountability – Little to do with accounts and more to do with owning things, and taking charge of projects.
gostops we-are-looking-for


  • Go-Getter 30%
  • Creative 20%
  • Tech Savvy 10%
  • Witty 10%
  • Hippie Soul 20%
  • Samosa-Lover 10%
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