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gostops carrer who-we-areWhat’s the team like?

  • A bunch of high-energy people with varying degrees of OCD. We’re organized, meticulous, and on good days, we’re a whole lot of fun.

gostops we-offer-icoWHAT WE OFFER.

  • Working at goStops isn’t a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes it’s 9 to 3. Sometimes it’s 9 to 9.
  • We’re easy like that.
  • As long as deadlines are met, and the work gets done, you’re free to leave when you want. We’re all adults here. Our CEO brings in donuts, so that’s awesome.

gostops how-we-workHOW WE WORK.

  • There’s a certain degree of ‘chill’ in the air.
  • There are couches for everyone to lounge around on to get the creative juices flowing.

As a team, we love debating, brainstorming, and generally throwing ideas in the air. Extra curricular actibities include running out to get coffee.

gostops our-value-iconOUR VALUES

Corporate mumbo jumbo aside, here are the things we really value, and expect anyone who works with us to have as well.

  • Honesty – At the risk of sometimes sounding brutal, we welcome it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Collaboration – Alone, we can only do so much. But together, we can change the world. Or something to that effect.
  • Accountability – Little to do with accounts, and more to do with owning things, and taking charge of projects.
gostops we-are-looking-for


  • Ready to wear a tie 20%
  • Go-Getter 20%
  • Happie Soul 15%
  • Creative 15%
  • Tech Savvy 10%
  • Scientist 10%
  • Donut Lover 5%
  • Witty 5%
  • Currently Opening For – (Tech Support, HR Head)
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