A lot of human locomotion depends on mobile apps these days and a part of money mechanics depends on apps. How surprising is that? For travel though, apps have made the life of travelers much easier. 

Technology has a major role to play in today’s expeditions and exploration. Numerous mobile apps have come up in India which is there to assist travelers; foreigners and Indians alike, in Indian cities and tourist destinations. Here are some of the best travel apps we pick for you:

1. WeTravelSolo

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : WeTravelSolo
WeTravelSolo is a standout amongst other Indian travel applications for solo travelers. Accessible for download on all Android engaged stages; the application offers numerous choices like ‘Find Your Soulmate’, ‘Take a Trip’, and ‘Unique Trip Ideas.’ Using the WeTravelSolo trip, solo travelers can discover and meet like minded travelers amid their outings over the world. You can join networks of solo travelers and visit their profiles to check if their travel plans clash with yours. This unique idea portrayed through an app makes it one of the travel apps to use.

2. IRCTC Connect

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : IRCTC
As you might already know, India’s train network is the biggest on the planet and a traveler, whether domestic or international, cannot really avoid trains. They don’t want to either because of the beauty of train journeys. Genuinely, trains are the fundamental entry into and crosswise over the incredible India. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has its own portable application which travelers can use to book tickets, check prepare timetables and PNR status. So, basically, this is one of the must have travel apps that you should be carrying with yourself. The IRCTC Connect application coordinates a few distinct components which make travel by train in India easier.

3. AudioCompass

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : AudioCompass
AudioCompass has presented this application as a team with the Ministry of India Tourism. The application is a sound guide to various tourist spots and attractions crosswise over India. Over time, it has become one of the most useful travel apps in India. What is best about this application is that it additionally works while offline. It is useful for the individuals who abstain from availing tour-guide services at tourist places. AudioCompass is most appropriate for non-natives who don’t usually understand the accent and intonation of Indian tourist guides. You may also find it useful if you’re just looking to know the places around you. This is one of the must have travel apps that one should be having installed on their phone.

4. TravelKhana

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : TravelKhana
Travelkhana is one of the most useful travel apps for your train travel in India if travel and food need to go as an inseparable unit. Travelkhana is a 24-hour food delivery application with a developing system of eateries crosswise over India. Nowadays the majority of the Indian trains have pantries to serve food to travelers amidst their travel. If you wish to make your travel a culinary diary with more scrumptious food items or meals than the consistent ones served on trains, download and utilize Travelkhana application. You should simply enter your PNR number, select a station and pick your most loved dishes from the far-reaching menu. The application likewise tracks orders and backs online payment.

5. WhereIsMyTrain

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : WhereIsMyTrain
Where is my Train is undoubtedly one of the best travel appsthat get live train status and from Indian Railways even offline without requiring Internet or GPS (although the internet is always recommended). It is additionally pressed with other helpful elements like rapidly checking IRCTC seat accessibility, fares, and PNR statuses. It has a quickly developing fan base among Indian train travelers and is the most noteworthy appraised travel application in India.

Tracking trains accurately and getting live journey status
makes this app one of the must have apps in India, not only for travelers but also for regular passengers. This component can work without web or GPS when you are traveling as it utilizes cell tower data to discover the area. You can impart current train area to your companions and family by means of the share option. You can likewise set Alarms to wake you up at a settled time before your railway station arrives. This application has the total Indian Railways and IRCTC timetable stored offline which surely makes it one of the most useful travel apps. You don’t need to know train number or names. The brilliant artificial intelligence enables you to utilize train source or train names even with spelling blunders.

6. Couchsurfing

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : Couchsurfing
You do know about Couchsurfing if you are a traveler. But if you had not expected it in India, get ready to be surprised as India uses Couchsurfing in a full-fledged manner now. But to introduce this app, Couchsurfing is a networking app for travelers who wish to make new friends by staying at their places when at a particular destination; for FREE! Some people take it as their hobby to make new friends and they easily allow people to come and stay at their places and to show them around their city or town. There are also Verified Profiles that gives a formal stamp of authenticity to the person. This is mostly free and its unique interface makes it one of the best travel apps in the world. Today, Couchsurfing has reached even small cities and towns of India like Itanagar, Kohima, and Mcleodganj.
P. S. : Anytime you’re staying with someone, make sure that they have good recommendations from past guests/hosts. Stay safe! 

7. OYO Rooms

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : OYO Rooms
There is nothing much to talk about this app because, in recent times, OYO has become a major travel accommodation app in India. Almost any city you go to in India; big or small, you cannot miss seeing an OYO logo in a hotel. To be honest, OYO has been conquering the market very fast. But why? The main selling purpose of Oyo Rooms is an institutionalized experience anyplace you go to, thus making it one of the must have travel apps in India. If you are not able to find a good place to stay at and if you are tired, OYO is the end of your worries. All rooms have ACs and cooling, TV, clean material, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and sterile washrooms, finished with a complimentary toiletries pack.

8. BookMyShow

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : BookMyShow
If a traveler chooses to stay for a while exploring a city or a main town in India, obviously they expect to know about its culture and the events that go in and around that destination. Do you need to purchase tickets for a show? A game of cricket? A heritage walk around the city? Or maybe just watch a film? BookMyShow has it all and this makes it one of the must have apps in India. In addition to this, you will have the capacity to demonstrate your BookMyShow ticket on your telephone at a few occasions, sparing you the inconvenience of finding a place where you can print your ticket.

9. Redbus

Image of Best Travel Apps in India : RedBus
For intercity travel, buses are regularly an advantageous choice, particularly in remote ranges where a private taxi will either be too expensive or not effortlessly open. Redbus is India’s head bus booking administration, working crosswise over most tourist-accommodating destinations. Thus it turns out to be one of the most useful travel apps in India. The application is dead simple to utilize and a few transport administrators now just show e-tickets appeared on your cell phone.

For travel and accommodation across India, these apps being some of the best travel apps, are compulsory to have on your cell phone if you are a traveler who is new to India or even if this is your country. Thanks to the great takeover of technology that it has made our job so easier so that you could just focus on having the purest of travel experiences not worrying much to care about these details. Have a great travel experience in India.
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