What’s the best way to explore a city, but on its streets? It’s a travelling gospel that you’ll have to have the bite in your mouth, to jump up the next two steps, and especially when it comes to Delhi Winters, which have already knocked around !
Last week, me and my friend from Korea who was visiting went hopping with the same intention and tried some smacks which I’m still dreaming about, and he’s taken home pages of recipes. But you and I don’t have to do that, so here are a few suggestions for you to get your spring on, and not tumble around on an empty stomach!


This one is in competition with Calcutt’s puchka, or Mumbai’s Pani poori, but the Delhi’s golgaappe takes away the flavor game. It is this tiny crispy puri, with fillings of sweet and sour and tangy water. Don’t forget to ask for that extra piece of papdi dipped in dahi and saunth, for the final taste before you want this to end.

Kachori with Sabzi

This one gave me and him both, teary eyes and a runny red nose, oh, but wasn’t this worth it ! The classic combination of Aloo Sabzi with a crispy fried kachori and a stuffing inside will leave you wanting more of  Delhi’s street food!

Ram laddoo

The fried dollops of pakodas, crisped to perfection on the exterior and soft and melty inside, served with a dash of raddish and green chutney, is nothing but appealing when it’s even slightly cold outside. Never miss out on this goodness from the streets of Delhi.

Bhel Puri

Bhel puri has always been a food and speciality  of Mumbai but its  Delhi counterpart isn’t far behind. Here, there is a much tangier flavor of chutney’s that they seldom put in. The right mixture of salty, tangy and sweet; this famous street food in Delhi should be tried by everyone at least once.



Chana Garam

This is the one snack you won’t be left counting calories for ! It’s on the healthier side, as it has nothing fried and I know that after a day of fried snacks on  Delhi’s street, this was definitely a welcome snack before dinner!


Momos or dumplings which is usually steamed, but also has other versions like fried has spread around Delhi as a part of favorite street food, and again in one of the healthier options to go for. Not to mention, that there are varieties of it available in the local Delhi market’s from chicken, paneer, vegetarian options or more.

Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat is that one mouthwatering, hot, crispy fried snack you won’t be able to say no too !! Not only hot, delicious and fried to perfection of potatoes you will be able to find, but you can also find a twist to the classic story, with a fruit chaat, or a vegetable chaat. There is also quite a lot of availability of sweet potato, and that makes for a more subtle version of the aloo chaat, especially in flavors.


The different varieties of Kebabs that are available in Delhi, will blow your mind away. From shammi kebab, to tuned kebab, to galouti kebab, Delhi is a haven for the kebab lovers! The streets of old delhi, are enamoured with food stalls serving the same, and the old nizamuddin area is very infamous for this delicacy.


The old parathe wali gali, from Delhi-6, is a one of its kind experience. Not only do they have savoury parathas, with varied and different stuffing of peas, pudina, lemon, cauliflower, ladyfinger, bringal, and so many other combinations you could possibly imagine, but guess what the real prize is? The sweet parathas like the rabri paratha from the streets of chandni chowk will transport you to a land where all you want is more of the rabri paratha !

Kulfi Falooda

Delhi is no stranger to sweet foods with a variety of options available, and kulfi falooda is one such desert to not be missed ! Kulfi is our very own version of Indian ice cream and is made from thickened and reduced milk flavoured with saffron and cardamom as the added options. Falooda is fresh cornflour “sev” (vermicelli). Kulfi falooda are almost synonym with Delhi’s own desert and turn into the perfect cool winter or summer dessert treat.


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